Rickenbacker Model 360 Slant Fret

Bound Headstock in Fireglo


In addition to being a rare bound headstock model, the nut, frets, pickups and bridge on this guitar are all slanted. The design theory behind this model was that the slight slant of the bass-side frets toward the guitar body would more naturally fit the hand and allow for more comfortable, accurate fretting of the guitar. Slant fret 300-series Ricks are rare and were only produced in the late '60s and early '70s. This example has a '60s style narrow headstock with Kluson tuners, checker-bound back, crushed pearl inlays and early hi-gain pickups. Note the "PAT PEND" stamp on the nut as shown in the last photo. This guitar is depicted and discussed on pages 272 and 273 of the Rickenbacker Book (2023). All original with silver HSC.

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