Rickenbacker Model 6006 Banjoline

in Fireglo


This example has substantially the same features as the Mapleglo model 6006 Banjoline except with a Fireglo finish and Eddie Peabody's name on the headstock logo. The Banjoline was essentially a 4-string electric banjo with the bottom D and G strings doubled to give the instrument a fuller sound; the concept was developed by Rickenbacker in conjunction with the renowned banjo player, Eddie Peabody. The model 6006 Banjoline has a 381-style body with German carve and checkered binding on body front; however, there is checkered binding but no carve on the flat back. With crushed-pearl fretboard inlays, roller bridge and Ac’cent vibrola, the model 6006 Banjoline is one of the few Rickenbacker production instruments with a checker-bound headstock. This near-mint example is all original with black OHSC.

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