Gretsch 1966 Viking

in Cadillac Green


Fully loaded with gold hardware and appointments – and much, much, more! This transitional guitar represents the best of the early ‘60s Gretsch craftsmanship with the wackiest cutting edge ideas of its time – among them, the “floating sound unit” a/k/a the “tuning fork bridge.” This mechanism – located where the bridge should have been (the actual bridge was moved down) was supposed to result in increased sustain. Also on this model we find the newer Super’Tron pickups, a single flip-up mute, “space control” roller bridge, huge Grover “kidney-button” tuners and a backpad for playing comfort and access to internal controls. The headstock plate says simply “Viking.” This particular example comes with a nice set of vintage paper, including a warranty certificate and quality control checklist for the guitar, a “space control bridge” card and, last but not least, a Gretsch “T-Zone tempered treble” card. The “T-Zone” is the upper register of the fretboard on this model (also on the White Falcon model of this era), and was marked by treble-side dot inlays; starting at the 12th fret, the frets were angled one degree sharp! Gray OHSC.

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