Rickenbacker Capri 325

in Autumn Gold – Short Neck Long Body


This is one of three “Longbody” Capri prototypes produced by Rickenbacker during the R&D stages of the Capri concept in late 1957 and is included in the 30-guitar run of 1958 model 325 guitars. Features a short-scale neck on an experimental elongated semi-hollow body, which is made of eleven pieces of figured wood laminated “butcher-block” style. Its unusual length required a short “extension” piece to complete the bass horn. The regular production model 325 guitars had a body that was shorter by about two inches. The serial number V87 is stamped on the jackplate and is a few numbers after John Lennon’s V81 325 Capri. This guitar is also depicted and discussed on pages 95-97 of the Kelly Rickenbacker Book (2021/2023). See additional detailed photos and information regarding this unique guitar on pages 20-21 of “Rickenbacker, Pioneer of the Electric Guitar” (1995) published by Rittor Music, Japan. This guitar is in excellent original condition and comes in a brown HSC with blue interior.

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