Rickenbacker 325/850 "Polynesian" One-off

in Natural


This one-of-a-kind guitar was developed in late 1957 and likely designed by Rickenbacker designer Roger Rossmeisl, combining features of the 325 Capri and the Combo 850, and with no serial number on the elongated jackplate. This “transitional” Rickenbacker guitar has features found on the Combo 850 model, such as the “German carve” indent on the front of the body. However it also has a short-scale set-neck, semi-hollow body, Kauffman vibrola and a 3-pickup “toaster-top” configuration in keeping with the 325 Capri series that immediately followed it. The Polynesian could be said to be the first model 325 made by Rickenbacker. It was so named because it was initially played by a member of a group called the “Polynesians.” This guitar is depicted and discussed on pages 92-95 of the Rickenbacker Book (2021). This guitar is in near-mint original condition with its original HSC.

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