Rickenbacker 365 Capri Prototype

in Autumn Gold


Another guitar from the early run of a few prototype full-scale Capri models made by Rickenbacker in 1958. It has all the features of its brother just above; however, it appears that the original finish was removed and the body and neck has been professionally refinished in a Autumn Gold (a transitional finish color between Autumnglo and Fireglo). Note the flame-maple butcher-block style 11-piece top. This guitar has a single gold pickguard, Combo-style pickup selector and tone selector switches, volume and tone knobs and a Kauffman vibrola. This early example also has a one-piece neck with no middle “walnut” stripe, an extra-long “crescent” soundhole and a wooden cap on the neck heel that extends over the body binding. Apart from the pro refinish, this guitar is in original condition with period correct components and an OHSC.

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