Rickenbacker Model 4000


Here we have something special. In early 1972 Rickenbacker introduced the “shedua strip” – the “skunk stripe” made of walnut or shedua forming the centerpiece of the neck in its 4000/4001-series bass line, thus changing from a one-piece to a three-piece neck construction. This bass guitar is a model 4000, which means it has only the treble pickup, as opposed to the 4001 model which has an additional pickup at the neck position. In late 1972, the neck-thru construction was no longer used for the model 4000, which changed to set-neck construction; that is, the neck tenon was glued into the body and does not run the entire length of the bass. (See 1973 Rickenbacker 4000, below, for a set-neck example.) This instrument is one of the few 4000 models produced – only in 1972 – with a three-piece neck-thru construction. In clean condition with its OHSC.

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