Rickenbacker Model 4003S/5


This 5-string bass guitar issued in 1982 is reported to be one of five examples made by Rickenbacker for developing what would eventually become the standard production model 4003S/5 bass, first issued in 1986. One of these prototypes was reportedly given by Rickenbacker to Chris Squire. This prototype has several interesting features not found on the 5-string production model. First is the super-elongated headstock, which is the same size as that of the 8-string bass, later produced starting in 1987. Next is the bridge configuration, which has five individual screw-thru intonation adjustment saddles, much like the 4005 or 6-string guitar models, in contrast to the standard Rickenbacker bass bridge for the 4001 and 4003 models. This bass also has many “S” type features: unbound body, dot inlays on fretboard and toaster-top neck pickup; however, it has the dual Rick-O-Sound output jacks and neck binding, not normally found on “S” body basses. OHSC.

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